Nikita Bagley MMA
Nikita Bagley MMA
Nikita Bagley MMA


Nik is originally from Ukraine and moved to England at the age of 14 with the dream of always competing in combat sports. At the age of 8, Nik started learning Wushu which started to kick off his dream of making a career fighting professionally.

Shortly after moving to England, even though at the time Nik could not speak much English, he kept busy by starting to train in Kickboxing and jits competitions. Nik started following his dreams and went onto winning the WKA and WTKA amateur world MMA championship in Italy, 2013. At this point, Nik moved into semi pro MMA.


Nik has competition in many different combat sports including MMA and boxing, but mainly focusing on MMA becoming semi-pro.

Nik's semi pro record currently stands at:

7 wins - 4 defeats


Nik is a great all rounder fighter, where he has competed in many different competitive combat sports such as MMA and boxing he is prepared to take the fight to the floor or keep in on his feet being able to adapt to any environment.