Welcome to the Prospect Apparel Ambassador's Scheme where you get exclusive Ambassador discounts as well as earning cash rewards! Becoming a Prospect Apparel Ambassador gives you the following list of benefits:

  • FREE welcome bundle full of Prospect Apparel Clothing and goodies
  • FREE exclusive early access selection of new lines
  • 70% exclusive discount across the whole Prospect Apparel Store for any additional purchases you may want.
  • Earn Up to 10% Commission on all sales you achieve via your affiliate link and/or discount code.
  • Receive your personal affiliate link and discount code for your friends, family or fans.
  • Your content will be posted on all our social media pages with credit going to your self, helping you gain exposure and grow your personal followings.
  • Access to the Prospect Apparel Ambassadors portal to track all the sales via your affiliate link and commission you have earned.

If you are interested in joining the Prospect Apparel Ambassador scheme, then please fill out the contact form below. We aim to make the process as strict as possible! For this reason we only accept up to 3 new ambassadors a year! Will you be the chosen one?