Nathaniel 'The Prospect' Wood
Nathaniel 'The Prospect' Wood
Nathaniel 'The Prospect' Wood


Nathaniel originally started in the sport when he was 16 training within Brazilian Jiu Jitsu when he just started carpentry at college. For Nathaniel, he personally did not want to be doing building work for the rest of his life.

Nathaniel always used to watch the UFC with his dad and his father has been one of the biggest influences in his career. Nathaniel and his dad used to play fight at home until one day Nathaniel's father took him along to one of his sparing sessions. Without that very first session, Nathaniel would not be the prospect he is today. Nathaniel started training more and more until once a day turned to 3 times a day. Now, the rest is history.


Since Nathaniel started his professional career in MMA his life has been fully devoted to training and improving his self to better for the next fight.Nathaniel is the former Cage Warriors bantamweight world champion and is currently taking the UFC by storm.

Nathaniel's record since turning professional in the sport is currently:

16 wins - 3 defeats



Nathaniel has always been interested in being a fighter from the early age of 10 when he used to go Kick Boxing. Nathaniel's main type of style is being a confident striker with his fast pace where he loves to put a show on for the audience.

Even though Nathaniel can be very aggressive in the cage, it is very much controlled. Nathaniel is not afraid to throw shots at the right time but he also don't throw wild shots getting caught out.