Luke Penberthy MMA
Luke Penberthy MMA
Luke Penberthy MMA


Luke originally started training in MMA when he was just 15 years old in the Straw/flyweight division. Luke trains out of the notorious SBG Bishop Auckland gym under the Coach Davey Grant. MMA is not just a career option, but a passion of Luke from being a fan watching fights, to his dad and uncle Gavin encouraging him to finally start looking into the sport and competing within 4 months of starting.

Luke has had many big influences within MMA with Names like Anderson Silva, Nate Diaz and Tony Ferguson as his top 3 to watch however, the prospect is a key role model as he knows how to put a show on for the crowd. Also his coach Davey Grant plays a massive part in his development as a fighter, where Luke looks up to him with the up most respect. Also Eddie bravo is a massive influence to Luke's grappling as he uses a lot of his techniques.


Since the age of 15, Luke has been chasing his dreams and showing characteristics of a true Prospect by achieving many great things at such a young age of just 17:

- 7-3 Amateur MMA record

- 2x BJJ World Champion No-Gi

- BJJ European Champion No - Gi


- Unorthodox striker implementing illusive techniques while applying pressure and confidence with switching of stances without problem.

- Submission specialist always looking to finish the fight however way possible

- Dangerous guard